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Indigo Research

Indigo Research is an online program that lets high school and graduate students research the topics that fascinate them. At Indigo, students build expertise, deepen their intellectual curiosity, and stand out on their college applications through advanced research. Over 300 students have worked with Indigo since 2019, and over 170 have achieved acceptance to Oxbridge and top 10 universities in the United States.

Crimson Global Academy

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is an internationally accredited, world-class online private school delivering live, real-time learning to students all over the world, enabling them to earn university recognised qualifications through accelerated courses.

Crimson Education

Crimson Education is the world's leading US, UK, EU and Postgrad admissions counselors. In 2013, it was founded by three students, including CEO Jamie Beaton who had just been accepted to 25 of the world's best universities. Our mission is to help students all over the world reach their ultimate university admissions goals.

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